Change the way you see your skin

Imagine helps you take control of your psoriasis, track the effectiveness of your treatment and get a clearer view of your skin and symptoms as they change.

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Why use Imagine?

Psoriasis changes gradually and it’s difficult to pinpoint what triggers flare-ups. That makes it hard to take control of your condition.

Use Imagine to stay motivated during treatment, measure the effect of lifestyle changes or document your psoriasis to share with your dermatologist.

First signs
Stabilisation point
Remission point
A range of treatment and lifestyle factors influence the frequency, intensity and length of flare-ups. Imagine aims to help you get better insights on cause and effect.

1. Document your skin

The outline view makes it simple to take consistent photos, so you can accurately document the changes in your skin.

2. Track how you feel

With the discomfort graph, you can see your overall discomfort levels along with your photos for a clearer understanding of your psoriasis.


3. See your progress

Tracking your progress is simple – compare photos with the touch of a finger to see gradual changes in your skin instantly and clearly.

4. Stay on schedule

Set up a personalised schedule to take photos, and get automatic reminders to keep your tracking up to date.

Help others with skin conditions

Psoriasis research is advancing – but to fully understand the way psoriasis behaves, researchers need more data.

That’s where Imagine can make a difference. Each time you upload a photo, you make a positive contribution to psoriasis research, supporting the global effort to build a better disease model.

The data also plays an important role in developing Imagine, as we use the anonymised photos to train our software to recognise – and eventually predict – changes in psoriasis lesions.

A group of innovators and scientists

We are a group of innovators and scientists, part of LEO Innovation Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are an independant organisation established by LEO Pharma, who were founded to improve the lives of people living with psoriasis.

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