Only people who live with psoriasis know what it’s really like. Let’s just say, life can get tough. That’s why we’re committed to developing an app that lets you track and anticipate your flare-ups.

Why Imagine?

We call our app Imagine because it works with images – it helps you take photos of your psoriasis so you can document and visually track your condition over time. Imagine uses the technology you’re already familiar with, plus ground-breaking new technology we’re developing, which will do much more with the power of images.
Looking forward is an empowering thing – it’s what drives us to create, to develop and, yes, to imagine something better. That applies to us, the Imagine team, and also to you: Imagine is about empowering you to gain insight and take control of your psoriasis.

Skincare innovation on your mobile

We all know that mobile technology is changing every aspect of our lives. People living with skin conditions such as melanoma are already benefiting from apps such as SkinVision, which detects changes in moles and assesses the risk factor instantly.
We want you to benefit from the same sort of advances in mobile technology.
But psoriasis is far less understood today than skin cancer, so there are more challenges facing us. Luckily, we thrive on challenges!

Developing new technology, one step at a time

Our first challenge is to get detailed insight into psoriasis lesions – and with so much left to learn about psoriasis, the technology remains underdeveloped too. To remedy that, we need research data – in this case, photographic data of psoriasis lesions of all types and at all stages.
And that’s where you come into the picture.
We’ve been busy talking to lots of people living with psoriasis and asking them what they’d find most useful in Imagine.
People using Imagine love being able to see small improvements each week, and knowing if a new product or lifestyle change is helping them. They also like that Imagine makes taking photos and storing them easy to do.
And if you’re wondering what a few photos of your psoriasis could possibly be doing at the leading edge of health technology, here’s a simple explanation.

Teaching the machine

The software we’re building for Imagine is like a neural network. It’s based on the structure of the human brain, and we’re training it by showing it thousands of images – all completely anonymised and inaccessible to anyone else, of course.
By adjusting constantly, the app’s brain learns to recognise tiny changes in all types of psoriasis – and eventually learns how to predict these changes.
That’s why every photo you take with our app helps. The more photos we gather, the faster the software will learn and the sooner we’ll have an invaluable tracking and prediction tool for you and others living with psoriasis.
Have any questions? Just ask us below, and we’ll be sure to answer.
Thanks so much for your support. We’re counting on you!

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