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I have been living with psoriasis for the past 25 years. But it wasn’t until recently that I really started living with psoriasis.

You see, for most of my years, I hid my red, scaly skin from the world. I hardly talked about it, but it was always on my mind. On the outside, I played a good game by acting confident, self-assured and strong, but on the inside I was utterly devastated. I just hated the way I looked and felt.

A few years ago, I went through one of my worst psoriasis flares to date – it covered around 50% of my body, including my hands and feet. Basic tasks such as washing my hair, using a computer or even driving a car became impossible. And as the months went on and my skin worsened, I began to sink into a deep depression.

It was at this point I became desperate to do something, anything, to help myself feel better. So after a little research, I started making changes to my lifestyle by switching over to a healthy diet, moving my body everyday and sleeping at least 10 hours a night.

After a few weeks of these changes, I started to see progress. The scales were slowly starting to lighten, I felt less itchy and the pain went down. This progress continued for quite some time and so I kept up my new lifestyle, eventually getting to a place where I was in remission and I felt in harmony with my skin.

Well…that was until March 13, 2018, when my father suddenly passed away.

Overnight, my world changed and I had never known sadness like this. I cried constantly and hardly slept or ate for weeks after he passed. And naturally, my skin responded. First, starting with an itch which quickly turned into red spots and then, just like that, my psoriasis had returned to spaces all over my body.

At this moment, my skin is flaring and beginning to take over like it has in the past. I know it’s time to make a change as the grief paired with this pain is frankly more than I can handle.

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And so, in addition to incorporating more sleep and self-care into my routine, I want to try cutting out sugar for 30 days to see if it helps. Why sugar?

Well on a personal level, sugar is a place I find lot of comfort and lately I have been eating and drinking a lot of it. And seeing that consuming too much sugar is linked to high levels of inflammation in the body, I think this change is a great place to start helping myself heal.

There are many ways to cut out sugar and so for the purpose of my 30 days, I will cut out all obvious sources of sugar like cakes, cookies, sugary drinks, ice cream, etc. And also avoid simple carbohydrates such as white flour, white pasta and white rice.

To keep track of my progress, I am going to check in every few days through the Imagine app, which gives me a place to take photos and document my no sugar journey. I will also share via my Instagram page @psoriasis_thoughts, so be sure to follow me there.

I am looking forward to starting this no sugar journey and helping myself get back to feeling happy, healthy and free!

Reena is a yogi, free spirit and all around happy human. Reena has also been living with psoriasis for the past 20 years.

She runs an online Instagram account (@psoriasis_thoughts) where she raises awareness about the condition and documents the ups and downs of living with it. Reena hopes to empower others who are struggling with their skin to love and accept themselves as they are.

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