Imagine is designed to make it easy to track and document your psoriasis with photos, but psoriasis is more than meets the eye – or the camera lens. How you’re feeling is equally important.

When we talk to patients and dermatologists, what we hear repeatedly is that everyone experiences psoriasis differently. Some experience pain, some itching. The common thread is that everyone has discomfort, which changes along with the lesions on the skin.

Capturing the moment

The human brain can be all too prone to relativising the past. We might remember a period in our lives as being rosier than it was, or we might not be able to accurately recall the state of our condition some weeks earlier.

So capturing individual snapshots and then showing the change over time can give us a much more objective and nuanced view.

Graphs let us see this at a glance – for example, a graph of your weight over time. The problem is that those graphs tend to be isolated, and don’t answer the question “How does that affect your body?”

That’s why we’ve gone a step further with the new discomfort graph.

The graph displays your discomfort level.
Swipe between your images to compare and keep track of your skin’s condition.
Hover over the (+) signs and read more

A more complete picture of your psoriasis

Each time you take a photo with Imagine, you can rate your discomfort level from 0 to 10. And now you’ll see these discomfort values visualised as a graph over the photos, for a combined view of how your skin appeared and what it felt like at a particular point in time.

We believe this combination can give you much better insights than a graph alone, and paired up with the innovative split view, will make it a lot easier to uncover gradual changes and see the effectiveness of your (new) treatment.

By the way, some of your earlier discomfort recordings may be missing from the graph. While we have now fixed this bug, we recommend that you update to the latest version of the app to ensure that all your future data is stored correctly.

What about tracking more than discomfort?

From the outset, our goal has been to make an app that would make a real difference in your life, and based on the feedback we’ve received, we chose discomfort as an overall measure to simplify the experience while still being relevant for everyone.

At the same time, we understand that tracking more specific aspects – not just symptoms, but also lifestyle factors such as stress – could give you even more valuable insights. So stay tuned for future updates of the app, and let us know what you’d like to track, and why!

If you’d like to give us your feedback or ideas, please feel free to contact us, or start up a conversation by leaving your comments below.

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